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Everything from one source, tailored to your needs, fast, reliable and professional
01. Design / Product development

SolidWorks Premium
02. Visualization / Rendering

SolidWorks PhotoView 360
SimLab Composer
03. Laserscanning / 3D Print

Scanner: Leica BLK 360 / Software: Autodesk ReCap Pro
Printer: Formlabs Form 2
You benefit from over 30 years of experience in mechanical engineering. This means that you benefit from cross-industry expertise and expert knowledge in the fields of food and beverage production and general mechanical and plant engineering.
The software and hardware required to complete the tasks at hand is state-of-the-art and is constantly updated.
> Experience in mechanical and plant engineering

Since 1990! More than 30 years of experience in consulting, planning, construction, site management, commissioning management and implementation of projects in various industries. With every project our knowledge grows.
> Creativity
Some tasks and projects require new thinking and an often unconventional approach. In this case, a wide range of expertise from various industries is very helpful in finding new solutions.
> From the practice for the practice

You want experienced business partners who are familiar with mechanical engineering and have already solved many tasks?
You can be sure: Your projects will be implemented by us 100 percent practice-oriented. We know what we do.
> Solutions instead of PowerPoint
You think that as a consultant I can present theoretical solutions perfectly in PowerPoint and would like to discuss them with you? You will not get that from us. I show you solutions on a flipchart and visualize live the possible results and approaches. Your advantages: fast project completion, cost-effective solution and little overhead. I am not a PowerPoint engineer!
> Competence partner
Do you have something that does not fall directly into the fields of mechanical engineering, design, 3D scanning or visualization? You can rely on our partners. Through the many successfully completed projects and many years of project experience, we know experts and specialists even outside our core competence. These are e.g. specialists for project management, structural engineering, electrical engineering, mould making and laboratory planning. They can support you from the initial concept, through planning, construction and implementation, as well as in project supervision and specialist departments.
> Delivery in time

I'm the last one who will push a project with the whip. Rather, I rely on a positive mindset with which we approach and solve problems and challenges. Nobody likes to work and is happy to disclose information when they are afraid of something. We solve the knot, create a positive environment and generate speed through trust.

Creative and successful projects

Every new project or machine is a prototype in our eyes. And that is exactly how we treat it. This also explains why our work cannot be "off the peg", but rather tailored to your project.
Systemfabrikken - Jens Podolla
Egvadvej 15 - Tarm | M: +45 41 66 72 42
Office: Innovest - Ã…numvej 28 - 6900 Skjern
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